Corporative Performance Long Run

Today we live a phase of corporate life of great physical and intellectual demand.

The main objectives are:

  • Know the performance profile of the participants
  • Make an individual diagnosis with special emphasis on aspects related to stress and fatigue
  • Provide participants with “hands on” tools to improve performance
  • Follow and monitor all participants with continuous feedbacks and on demand

In general, we can characterize the general state of organizations in the following points:

  • Improved the knowledge of their general state
  • Improved corporate performance
  • Reduced the risk factors associated with stress and fatigue
  • Developed coping strategies for the inevitable stress and fatigue in day-to-day situations of the organization

The IMPROVING PERFORMANCE Program, taking into account the characteristics of the organization and the profile of the participants where working capacity and high performance are fundamental, is based on 4 essential aspects:


  • Quantifiable biological data regarding fatigue and stress.
  • Science-based. All the framework and interventions are based on the assumptions of the “evidence science based” and coordinated by university professors with extensive experience professional in the areas of performance and health.
  • Associated metrics. The evolution of participants can be evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • Accompaniment. Behavioural changes are difficult and often little lasting. In this sense, there is now robust evidence that the constant monitoring and permanent feedbacks, minimize the risks of default, at short or long term, of changes.

In addition to these general features, the Program bases its operation on features that could be summarized in the following topics:


  • Biological indicators (blood, saliva and evaluation of the autonomic nervous system)
  • Highly technological
  • Tangible actions
  • “Gamification”
  • “Relaxed and fun”
  • Confidentiality, comfort and security
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